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I do not have any concerete evidence except for the Quran, but you, Renton, has a knack of coming out with evidence that has proven to be obnoxiously unhistorical or corrupted.  Renton405 said: Im still waiting for any outside sources(non Quranic_hadith) that says Kaaba was built by Abraham. Oxy, there is alot of evidence that the flood happened. but what we can prove is that his life and times, as reflected in the stories about him, fit perfectly within the early second millennium, but imperfectly within any later period. You said in your OP Non-Quranic , Hadeeth are not Quranic. This fact alone, they said, proved that the writer of Acts wrote his account much later as he was not aware of Gallio s true position. [1] Additionally, widespread Christian persecution as described in the passage is not mentioned by Paul in Acts. You can t have a verse and then finish it with another verse from a totally different book with a different prophetic and theological view. and the secular world uses many wrong figures stating the age of the earth. The team had discovered an impressive royal plaza. The Walls of Jericho According to the Bible, the conquest of Jericho occurred in approximately 1440 B kaaba carbon dating. You may as well say Pilate was unhistorical then too First off nearly all the cities and sites Abraham was in exist today. are heavy doors needed for security; the same doors which we find in Genesis 19:9. Your saying that there are about a hundred or two hundred archeological sites confirming the Quran. The only good part about Josephus is that the document seems to suggest Jesus existed, as both Muslims and Christians believe. Had the writer written the book of Acts in the 2nd century as many liberal scholars suggest he would have agreed with Pliny and both would have been contradicted by the eyewitness account of the Delphi Inscription.

, and not later, otherwise he would not have known Gallio was a proconsul. Moving into the New Testament material we are dependant on archaeology once again to corroborate a number of facts which the critics considered to be at best dubious and at worst in error. 14) Luke s usage of Proconsul as the title for Gallio in Acts 18:12 has come under much criticism by secular historians, as the later traveller and writer Pliny never referred to Gallio as a Proconsul. While I think you are young, bright and dedicated to your faith, I strongly suggests that you consider your evidence carefully before presenting them for scrutiny. Beersheba, Ur, Hebron,Abimelech,Schechem, Jacobs Well, etc. A ziggurat was being excavated when an inscription was found that said, “This was at Ur. C but the secular history says that there are arceological proofs for the human civilizations which date back even ten thousand years B. I find it very hypocritical since I have posted many non-biblical accounts of Jesus crucifiction, even from people who didn t like Jesus. if we want to go by history Bible directly flaws but Quran still stands Click to expand. 8) David s capture of Jerusalem recounted in II Samuel 5:6-8 and I Chronicles 11:6 speak of Joab using water shafts built by the Jebusites to surprise them and defeat them. The Quran stands against the bible in Archeological evidence. Also, it is unlikely there were an immense multitude of Christians in Nero s Rome.   Renton405 said: Why are you getting so defensive.   The Walls of Jericho According to the Bible, the conquest of Jericho occurred in approximately 1440 B. Many of the cities in the bible are still here today and even still inhabited. - Abraham: The name Abraham has been found in Babylonian texts of the sixteenth century and multiple times in the Mari texts.

this is not a historical proof even for the personality of Jesus according to bible Noah flood took place all over the world about 2400 B. All people know was that it was a pagan center before Mohammed, which in my opinion would put up red lights. there are many biblical sites on Abraham that shows he lived.who is dayanara torres dating now.
. Like the dinosaurs for example, first they said 12 million years ago, then 6, then 3 million. Suddenly this supposed error not only gives credibility to the historicity of the Acts account, but also dates the writings in and around 52 A.   I still dont understand your point,I personaly dont challange with Bible,and think indeed there was a crusifixion but not Jesus. The result of their work has been remarkable. Thus the writer of Acts had to have written this verse in or around 52 A. As a Muslim, I believed Abraham lived many centuries ago and that is part of may faith. Some historian were listening to christians and jews and they wrote that the man named Jesus was crusified kaaba carbon dating. The Bible quote was not intended as a source of proof but as a prelude to the account in the Hadeeth even though they differ about the locations the events took place. Please read the following on Textual Criticism and Dating and Historicity to understand why How about the footprint in the Masjid Al-Haram. This is not exactly the post to debate the crucifixion. 1) Abraham s name appears in Babylonia as a personal name at the very period of the patriarchs, though the critics believed he was a fictitious character who was redacted back by the later Israelites. This discovery has caused many critics to reconsider their view of the historicity of the Davidic kingdom. .

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07/08/2007 · I think we should take a sample of that Black Rock and perform a Carbon Dating Analysis ... Let me analyses further Kaaba is …

Purushottam Nagesh Oak (March 2, 1917 - December 4, ... Oak presents carbon dating results of the wood from the riverside doorway of the Taj, ... The Kaaba. In a 13 ...

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09/10/2016 · How old is the Kaaba, ... Kabba Join the ... again because of the religious significance it would be unlikely that carbon dating or any other scientific research ...

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